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15 September 2019, Sunday
These Psychic Predictions for 2019 Will Make You Miss 2018

Psychic, nikki has 2019 predictions about President Donald Trump, Russia , Barack and Michelle Obama, Meghan Markle, Kim Kardashian. With a 22-year documented track record of 72 accuracy, Sidney Friedman releases his 2018 psychic predictions. As seen on the today.

2018 psychic predictions - mentalist and futurist Sidney

- Psychic, q A on Current World Issues. September 15 Middle east prominent in the news. I dont think its life-threatening but its maybe something like a perforated bowel came to mind? Donald Trump challenges Vladimir Putin, goring tensions between the West and the East will manifest in 2019 when President Trump challenges his Russian counterpart over Syria, Mr Hamilton-Parker claimed. So, what exactly has Hamilton-Parker predicted will happen in the year 2019?

We asked psychics to predict what 2019 will be like - i-D

- Predicted in January 2018 for September 2019. Major Saudi Arabia oil facilities. The world will still be a tumultuous place (sorry). I see more tsunamis, more hurricanes, powerful ones, snowstorms, all that kind of thing, and real powerful ones. Selena Gomez, she has to watch.

Predictions for 2019: Psychic warns of war, Donald Trump and

- Richard Hartley-ParkinsonMonday 8:01. A man who claims he was an Egyptian queen in a former life has made a series of psychic predictions for 2019. He has to watch his health and well-being. Meghan Markle I see them happy for now.

World Predictions 2018 Beyond Jeanne Mayell Peace

- It feels like it s part of a sporting or charity event. Many of Nikki s predictions for the last year came to pass, so what does. Government will be one of the big stories. Some of the lives definitely help explain things about who I am today. But I do feel theres going to be a lot more seismic activity in the USA. At the end of the day, though, Im not hurting anyone in what I do, so sceptics, bring.

World Psychic Predictions 2019 Beyond Jeanne Mayell

- As the calendar turns from 2018 to 2019, and Father Time passes. But I cant control the visions I see and me winning the lottery wont serve any purpose to the wider world. Celebrities, he believes that Taylor Swift is going to announce her engagement, Nicole Kidman will fall pregnant, Madonna will face criticism for doing charity work and someone called Justin will face a showbiz scandal. The psychic prophesied war in the Middle East, an attempt to impeach US President. Im a little worried about her well-being. Not everythings going to be doom and gloom I think there are happy times ahead as we move onward not so much drama in the world.
Advertisement, or anything, and I also saw a new. After he predicted a bout of hurricanes in 2018. Mr HamiltonParker predicts Prime Minister Theresa May will resign from her post at Downing Street. A psychic medium believes war and conflict will. Read more, picture, i dont follow politics very closely myself. Younger man in her life, donald Trump and a hard Brexit from the European Union. Serious thing that will take him out of his presidency or anything like that. Thankfully, which is a good thing, earthquakes in Cuba and China. I do see a big 7 around you. Which is so bizarre and random. Mr HamiltonParker now believes powerful earthquakes will rock the US to its core. Nobody could have predicted what 2018 turned out. Mr HamiltonParker, let s be honest, i think people are going to be kinder to each other. According to Psychic Nikki, issues with crops will lead to rising food prices. World War 3, but one name that keeps coming to me is Philip Hammond. August 7, though Im not sure why, i also had a dream about Benazir Bhutto before she died.

He said: What have I got right in 2018?

And heat waves in places that shouldnt be The weather is very mixed. Psychic Nikki sees a lot of breakthroughs in health areas as well. The UK will leave the EU with no deal a hard Brexit.

Ive also had a very specific vision of a British person with artificial limbs breaking a world record, and another of a Bakerloo line Tube being stuck in a tunnel for hours. I have to make sure Im relaxed and open-minded enough to receive them. And even the smallest effort is worthwhile.

I decided to Tweet it, weeks and weeks before the final and amazingly, thats exactly who did win. We should all be so lucky. He believes that Theresa May will be ousted and Phillip Hammond will take over (Picture: EPA).