We are starting the last week in January, and I hope we can have a very productive and creative week, grab a cup of coffee or tea…and help me to:   WELCOME THIS WEEK!!! :-)

As you know by now I have designated January to be Bruges Lace month. I am learning the basics, and I like this lace. I have set out to make a basic doily, and so far it is going okay, take in consideration that I am doing by “sight” so it may not look exactly like the model.

So this is what I have to show you today :





See You Soon…


  1. That’s looking great… Plus without a pattern and self-taught?! You have talent! :)

  2. Great color as well as pattern and Greetings. Blessings Always, Mtetar

  3. Pretty..

  4. Wow that’s coming along brilliantly! It’s amazing that you can do all that without a pattern.

  5. Wow! very ambitious. I would need a pattern.


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