How is it going Artisans?? I hope you are doing fine. I am just in awe how we have just finished January and I have only finished 1 project and did not even finish Big Lil Pet…

Well on a more positive note: I am happy to tell you I have received my new yarn and it looks promising but I need to try it out before I am totally sold on it, I will let you know on Monday.

New Project temptation: I saw a jacket that I believe will make a very nice looking Crochet Jacket, with my Hoooked yarn.



Nice looking right? I have never done anything like this before so it is very tempting to see if I can pull this off.

So what do you say? does it look too complicated or go for it??

Have a safe and Happy weekend, See You Soon…



I love crochet purses. One of a kind unique and that is what makes them special for me.

Let us make this post all about them, they are made by artisans all over this beautiful world of ours and each one is unique and beautiful and creative and practical and etc…

Please give special thanks to google and pinterest..








Crochet Bathroom decor that won’t break the bank, that is what I am aiming for with my crochet mandalas.

The bathroom is a peaceful place,  it is an Oasis away from all the other activities that are always taking place in the home. We spend a lot of time there,  so why not make it a “happy place”??

Crochet can transform almost anything,  come with me, let us take a stroll down Google lane..




Aren’t they creative and lovely? So, you get my drift, out with the old and boring and bring in the new and exciting….your Oasis can be a happy, calm relaxing and chic place :-)

Enjoy today, see you soon…





Thanks to all who answered the question I posted here hats off to you and you even gave me the name of the stitch, WOW!!

Special thanks to fibercrush and rainbowjunkiecorner for the links with the tutorials :-)

I am going to learn that stitch, I need to diversify a little huh? I have not knitted anything but I am eager to learn, at least for this project.

My mandala is finished and I like the way it looks. It sure gives  my bathroom a very nice “done by an Interior Decorator” look. I need to make another one for the other side. I am using the same colors but different stitches and I am doing this one in a different shape, no need for exact opposites :-)

So, here she is:



IMG_5596 IMG_5596

I know a lot of you Crochet Artists excel at deciphering stitches just by looking at it and I am very curious about this stitch.

To me it looks like a “back and forth” stitch, where you go back on a stitch and then it looks like you anchor in the lower row too. I am going to experiment to try to get this look.

Do you have any clue how I can get this look?

I am still working on my mandala, it should be finished shortly. I want to work on  RR this weekend too.

Well, let us stop here, this is enough homework :-)

Have a great and safe and creative and fun weekend.. See You Soon…




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