Russian crochet artists are in a class by themselves in my humble opinion.

Some of the most intricate out of this world crochet usually belongs to a Russian artist and is where most of them are, I hope you agree with me after this tour:

And use the google translate feature, it is priceless. See More

shawl with interesting crocheted stitch pattern

free-baby-booties-patternAren’t these lovely? can we get to that level? only time will tell, I have no idea if I can get there,  but….I will practice like crazy and try my hand at designing new stuff.

Are You In for the challenge??



Welcome back!! How was your Easter holiday? Fantastic?? YES! that is very nice to know, I hope you came back relaxed and  ready for some intense Crochet Action

I have set the date for our first Road Trip of the year,  I am trying to put the event in the side bar ( I am having trouble with the widgets and I hope WordPress return to the “old school” widgets: Please WordPress???)

The departure date is set for this Friday, April 25th at 10:00 am sharp or very close to that time and will run for maybe one or two weeks, or more, depending on the creativity process :-)









This is a joyful day for me, and I hope for you too.

Jesus Christ Is Alive!!!



This week is very special for me. It is always good to remember The Cross and what it means to me.

I have no projects for Easter week but I have surfed the web to bring you some inspiration if and only IF you have the time.

Here goes…google images :-)

Have a great day and See You Soon… [Read more...]


It is a new week and the weather outside is gorgeous and cool. Flowers are everywhere,  it is a great time to be alive.

This week is Holy Week and I want us to take some time to meditate and feed our spiritual side. Your soul will thank you :-)


Preparations for the Road Trip are under way: I know Bruges Lace and Bullion in one work seems like daunting but I believe we can do it.

This is new for me too,  I have never worked with these two stitches before but I want to learn and hopefully we can produce a nice looking doily without too many frustrations or stress.

I want something simple and basic, no “over the top” design, I am not an expert as I mentioned before.

This is the patternBolero em renda de brugesI want to use, and as always feel free to visit the site directly. We need to learn how to do this and this all images are from google..

This is not rocket science but it does look intimidating when you look at the whole “picture” so we will work our project: one stitch at a time, practice the tape which is not hard, I believe the joining is the trick part, but we W I L L conquer that too :-)

Well this is all for today just keep in mind that it can be done…

Have a great day!! enjoy the sunshine, Today is a gift!!

Doily Lucky – Crochet Pattern Doily Lucky – Crochet Pattern







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