Tapestry crochet is a crochet technique I consider to be “An art within an art”.

Crochet artist Carol Ventura specializes in this form of crochet, and while reading her blog I discovered a new world, where everybody are tapestrians, that word does not exist but it serves the purposes of this topic.

Ravelry Tapestry Crochet group. is for you if you want to learn. I just joined too. I have no idea how I am going to managed my time, but I need to learn. 

I have always been fascinated by this form of crochet, so it may be showing up more around here.

Take a look at Carol Ventura’s stockings here or these beauties made by Marina Gavrilov, aren’t they over the top?



Crochet is so diverse, I don’t think we will ever get bored with it. With the stitches and techniques, there is something new every day.

Well, this is all for now, hoping you learn something new today….See You Soon…





It is always a good idea to yarnbomb anything.

Let us start with mailboxes, they get hit just as often as fences…

Mailboxes get a lot of wear and tear. I have bumped a maximum of 2 in my lifetime, it was while backing up, thank heavens, so I am still considered a safe driver :-)

If you have time you can make several, and change them for each holiday…




I am going to attempt to do one, with a Christmas theme.

I need lots of practice in the art of amigurumi, so I have decided that I want to try one more time. I need to  get a grasp of this technique.

Amigurumi is hard for me, but with practice, I hope to at least create something that have a fleeting likeness to what I have in mind :-)

I want to challenge you to try it, there are a lot of artists who excel in this form of crochet, I need a lengthy visit with them.

So enjoy and get inspired…Enjoy Today!! it is a gift..




It is always fun to go on a Road Trip with You, lovely Artisans, and this one was no different.

Today we say goodbye for now and I hope we have acquired new skills in our constant goal to become better Crochet Artists.

The trimmings and everything else was done for you to exercise your creativity, I made suggestions but the completed project is TOTALLY you.

I really enjoy each of you who always seems to say the right words to keep me motivated and inspired, to each of you…….a big Thank You!!!

Keep practicing your skills it only gets better with time, learn new stitches, “invent” new stitches, break rules, and work until you meet the expectations you had in your mind for your project.

This is my rendition, I hope yours look better than mine and if you want to send me an email with your finished project I will highlight it and pin it on my board.

Keep up the good work, keep motivated and Enjoy your weekend, Crochet truly Rocks!! :-)





Today, we are taking some time off to complete all those tiny decoration balls.

Tiny crochet is  BIG crochet in my opinion. I crochet very tight because that is what you do with thread crochet and well I am not going too fast because I am really fighting with my little balls, but it is okay because we can tackle something else today :-)

Let us talk about candles, we all use them to give ambience to our home and table, but you get tired of seeing the same candles day in day out, so I suggest dressing them up for a special holiday, like Christmas, so I am bringing you more inspiration for your holiday..…..thanks to google..




Enjoy your day off, complete your work and we will continue tomorrow…. :-)




Today, we want to start winding down. Please complete each ball and decide what trimmings you want on your Christmas ball.

I have ribbons and I am crocheting small marble size balls with #10 thread, please follow this video for the visual tutorial.

Okay, today I want to talk briefly about yarns and threads, you may know much more about the subject.

You probably do not know but I love thread and thread crochet will give your work a very delicate elegant finish product.

The thread I use the most is 100% cotton, but I have used Bamboo and I love Bamboo, there are others.

Here are some I found on google: 





Okay so you get the idea :-) These need a fine hook, I usually end up with the hook that glides and grab the thread with ease. Always remember the bigger the hook the bigger your finish product will be and vice versa.

Yarn, is a joy to work with because your project grows very fast and it is soft usually, some acrylic defies this definition.

Here are some examples from google: 

Very good tutorial about the Art of Crochet. 

Let me stop here, I need to finish my Christmas balls too. Let us meet bright and early tomorrow morning, after a good breakfast….


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