This is a very short post to touch base with you. Did you finish half your list already?? there is only 1 friday left in October…no pressure, just a reminder :-)

Our weather is very cloudy like if it is thinking of snowing. I would love the snow, but it is highly unlikely.

I got to go but don’t forget to enjoy today and work on your projects and have a Great Weekend!! Hugs!!




Let us look into gifts made just for men. Crochet sometimes is perceived as a female craft or hobby but there are guys that like crochet too and are pretty good at it.

It is inspiring to see men working on tapestry crochet, which is extremely artistic and beautiful. 

As always I like to visit the net and in so doing I like to bring some inspiration to make gifts for the men in our my life.   I am hoping they appreciate every single gift and use every day for a year… 

Come along please?? you will enjoy the visit…







I love that the colors are very nice and serious, I found some crochet pants that are more hippy looking but I doubt your gift will be used much if you decide to go that way…

So let us start on something male today okay?? See You Soon..



Hi There Artisans, I am sending you a great big HELLO!! to each one of you… how’s it going? your list is getting smaller huh?? :-) I truly hope so…

Today I want to bring to you the art of Amigurumi. It is a technique where you knit or crochet small animals or people or etc. It originated in Japan but you can find experts all over the world.

I have trouble using this technique, I think I need more practice :-) I cannot seem to adjust each part and let it look like a REAL animal or fruit, I just cannot..I started a frog long time ago and it still does not look like a frog, so I had to leave it for now…

So, let me show you some from google, maybe you can master it…



Enjoy!!! Learn something new today!!! Enjoy today it is a gift!! :-)


Remember the 4 motifs we didn’t use for the Bruges Lace doily? well I gave them new life as a Christmas recycled ball.

Just add whatever stitches you want and start to decrease to fit your ball. The last few rows will be done with the ball already in place.


It warms my heart that we did not need to unravel, I am still working on the last one. The stitches can be clusters or popcorn stitch for a 3D look or just waves for an open lacy look, just Do It Your Way :-)

Next, I worked on santa’s gift tags, I used popcorn stitch for his beard and single and double crochet for his hat.






Have a great weekend Artisans, I hope you are checking off your Christmas list…See You Soon









This post is just to highlight several things. My Pinterest Board is growing with fabulous inspirations and I wish you could visit me and say Hi :-) and follow me if you choose, I will follow back.

Here are some pins I think you will enjoy.. free crochet soap saver pattern free crochet soap sack pattern

Beautiful #crochet hangers from @Sandra Pendle (Cherry Heart)Dalek Hanging Towel by Critical Stitch | Crocheting Pattern

If you want to do any of these please keep in mind the thread or yarn you are using. While thread is definitely pretty and exquisite looking it does take more time to complete a project.

Bulky yarn on the other hand is a fast and nice and usually doesn’t give you a migraine if you have to unravel, so it is a good choice if you don’t have too much time.

I need to post on slippers again because my friend Vickie asked me about what to put on the bottom of the slippers so to not have the slippers give us a broken bone.

I love lots of colors when I am thinking of Christmas Projects but Red and Green or Red and White will always be my favorites.

See You Soon, okay?!!

Two Little C's: Elephant Square Free Pattern




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