This week is very special for me. It is always good to remember The Cross and what it means to me.

I have no projects for Easter week but I have surfed the web to bring you some inspiration if and only IF you have the time.

Here goes…google images :-)

Have a great day and See You Soon… [Read more...]


It is a new week and the weather outside is gorgeous and cool. Flowers are everywhere,  it is a great time to be alive.

This week is Holy Week and I want us to take some time to meditate and feed our spiritual side. Your soul will thank you :-)


Preparations for the Road Trip are under way: I know Bruges Lace and Bullion in one work seems like daunting but I believe we can do it.

This is new for me too,  I have never worked with these two stitches before but I want to learn and hopefully we can produce a nice looking doily without too many frustrations or stress.

I want something simple and basic, no “over the top” design, I am not an expert as I mentioned before.

This is the patternBolero em renda de brugesI want to use, and as always feel free to visit the site directly. We need to learn how to do this and this all images are from google..

This is not rocket science but it does look intimidating when you look at the whole “picture” so we will work our project: one stitch at a time, practice the tape which is not hard, I believe the joining is the trick part, but we W I L L conquer that too :-)

Well this is all for today just keep in mind that it can be done…

Have a great day!! enjoy the sunshine, Today is a gift!!

Doily Lucky – Crochet Pattern Doily Lucky – Crochet Pattern






Meet Hieronymus, the happy hippy hippo


love 2xx!!!

Originally posted on the twisted yarn:

This blog is (supposed to be) about knitting and crochet for the home. Hence that bonkers, never-again-even-if-you-paid-me stained glass window afghan. (In case you’re wondering, I’m currently sitting on the aforementioned afghan, and it’s also liberally adorned with toddler porridge, Thomas The Tank Engine stickers, and assorted toys. Is nothing sacred in this house?? NOTHING?!)    And hence the even more over-ambitious projects I’ve got planned for elsewhere in this old brewery.


You know that feeling a girl gets, sometimes? That I-must-crochet-a-floral-hippo feeling? Well, last week I got that feeling, and I got it bad. Here is the result. People, meet Hieronymus. Hieronymus, meet people:-

Crocheted hippo

Crocheted hippo

And again:-

Hippo on tour

Hippo on tour

…And again:-

Yup, it's a hippy hippo.

Yup, it’s a hippy hippo.

And finally, with me and the Stoic Spouse and the Toddler Twinnage on board:-

TheTwistedYarn on tour

TheTwistedYarn on tour

You want the pattern, yes? It’s the Happypotamus by Heidi Bears. Easily searchable…

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TGIF 4/11/14

I cannot believe it, but Friday is here again and I wanted it to be a fun day, but I made a mistake: I had a peak at the news and well I am saddened by a bad accident that has claimed the lives of several high school teenagers and two adults. Please say a prayer for all those families, It won’t be a beautiful day today, May God give them comfort and peace.

Okay here we go, I am still working on Paine the frog and I can honestly say he has been the most difficult project yet, he is living up to his name. I have frogged him a thousand times but I am not giving up :-)

Next, I am starting the tarn making this weekend with my old t-shirts, it is a lot of work but it won’t be stressful which is always good.

Preparations for the Bullion and Bruges Lace Doily Crochet Along a.k.a the Road Trip will begin on Monday morning sharp, and depending on the “weather” we will set the departure date next week.

Please have a small plastic tube for the Bullion stitch. I made mine by cutting off about 2 inches off the top of my pen refill. Make certain that it goes over the needle point you are going to use.


Use your favorite needle size, I am using my #7 and don’t forget to practice the tape for the Bruges lace.

Now comes the fun part: the first person who is coming on the trip and leave a comment will get the Giveaway Package!!!!!!!





Well good morning everyone!!! Greetings!!!

This post is indeed a happy one, I want to tell you that my first shipment of old t-shirts is on its way. My friend from Facebook put a box in the mail yesterday.

I will post when it arrives. Thank You Sandi!!! :-)  Social Media Rocks!!!

Several others are helping the cause too. If you have old ragged t-shirts please:  *** Do Not Put In Garbage!!!****

Please send me an email to daniellajoe5307@aol.com. I will put it to good use and send you a big thank you.

Well changing subjects: Initial preparations for the Road Trip are underway and I will post on what to pack, keep practicing your Bruges Lace ribbon and please start practicing the Bullion Stitch, this stitch is for anyone who wants to leave the basic stitches aside and tackle the “college level courses” in crochet, sorry about the drama :-)
Well this is all for today Wednesday, hoping you have a very creative and happy Spring Day!!!

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