Happy first Tuesday in September!!!

How are you doing? please tell me you are busy in a good creative way :-)

As for me, I am changing the shape of my RR. I want my RR,  which is my recycled rug, to go from round to oval/oblong, that way it will fit better in the room.

The stitches will remain the same but I am employing different heights and there’s not a starting point for each row, in other words, I am crocheting around and around.

The stitches will remain simple, I don’t want anything real fancy because I am going for a functional rug.

I would love a “real camera” for the photographs but until then I am using my phone camera which will show you the massive rug.

So, that is what RR looks like now and by the time I finish him he will be weighing a ton. 

I did finish a row on Big Lil Pet too so she is happy with me, maybe I can finish both of them on the same day? :-)  I would love that, I want to start more Christmas projects.

Well, this is all for now, hoping you are getting your projects done and checked off The List. Have a Great Day..See You Soon…





Today we celebrate ourselves, all the hard work we put in as Artisans.    

It is a day where you relax or you work, it is up to you. Thank God for a job which enables us to pay bills, have a place to live and food to eat, It is truly a blessing.   Please enjoy yourselves..



It is Friday and I am happy that I have completed one project: my Crochet bottle cover.

The post I wrote on crochet gift covers had a nice response.  Several ladies mentioned that they liked the lace one, which is my favorite one too, so that design is coming up…

For this one I used 100% acrylic yarn I received in a giveaway last year, it is really soft and it has a nice mix of colors.


The stitch pattern I used is the shell made of  3 DC – 1 ch – 3 DC , repeat, but I added a single chain to each side of the shell for several rows because it was too tight, then I eliminated the chain, on one row I added 1 DC between the shells, the bottom is made of all single crochet.  

You can use several different stitches and techniques, I always change-up when I get bored with one pattern.

I didn’t like how the ribbon blended into the body so I want to make the ribbon of a contrasting color so that it can shine :-)

I need to make a lace one with a light weight yarn. The one I just finished has a nice feel to it since it is a soft medium acrylic.


I don’t own a nice camera but you can see the details. 

This is a long weekend for us here in the USA, what are you going to be working on? as for me I am going to add rows to RR and Big Lil Pet and take it easy.

Have a great and fantastic weekend ..See You Soon… P.S here’s the yarn..





I want to show  you another fun way to use crochet to personalize your Christmas gift.

The cozy is a covering or gift wrap, it is used a lot on wine bottles at Christmas, but you can cover mugs and cups too.

I went surfing on the internet and saw a lot of different designs. The ones shown here can be found on google or pinterest….these are not mine, they are for inspiration only.  My design will come later..

So, with these beautiful creations for inspiration,  I want to design my own. I may choose a Christmas theme or Christmas colors or maybe something else :-) the sky is the limit.

Remember to try to make a cover that “speak” to the person.

Lace is always elegant and timeless, if you want to send me a gift wine cover you will choose lace. For this look you will need a very thin yarn. My favorite Christmas colors are red and green….hint, hint…. :-) I wouldn’t use thread for this project. 

Next you will need handmade cards or tags to attach them to the bottle, and lots of ribbons to finish off the festive look.

The more details you use the more unique your work becomes and hopefully the recipient won’t toss it out with the bottle.

So this is all for now, enjoy your day, It Is A Gift…See You Soon…

google or pinterest










This is a crochet stitch that gives a nice texture to any project you have in mind. You can  use it to accent your project or can choose to do all your project with this stitch.  

You can guarantee it is going to be over the top stunning.




The stitch is very easy, it looks a lot like the puff stitch but it is worked a little different, check online for the tutorials.

Use it when you need a 3D effect and you won’t settle for plain :-)


So there, you have another stitch to learn and to tell the truth it is just a technique that you already know how to do, change things up and create, the sky IS the limit…have fun… See You Soon…


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