How is it going? I hope you are getting organized and using up every second, remember the Early Bird Gets The Worm Home Audios The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Okay you get the meaning, we are up to top speed now, so that we can relax and enjoy the hectic month of December.

I want to go on a little road trip next week so we can have some ornaments for the tree, can you go with me? It will be more practice and you can use up all your stash.

So, let us start preparing: get yarn, thread, and all the colors you want and don’t forget to color with kool-aid or with any fruit drinks they sell in your country, and I heard from Johanna that this type of coloring leaves the yarn smelling really nice, a Win Win situation.

Let us try to make at least half a dozen of balls, maybe one angel and maybe a bell…the list can be added on…

google for inspiration..




The sky is the limit, just keep in mind the colors you want to use or to make it fun just mix up the colors but keep it SANE :-) you want to like your project when it is finished.

This is all for now Artisans, see you soon….Let The Preparations Begin….



In one sense: it gives yarn a beautiful one of a kind color :-)

There are so many tutorials about this easy way of giving some pizzaz to your yarn, that I want to try it out. It can be done in the crock pot, by hand and I guess some other way.


If you ever find a good sale at a yarn store, but it is the wrong color, don’t despair, COLOR it to your liking.

I am so happy to have discovered this way of dyeing yarn,  who knows if I can apply it to RC, he is massive, so it may not be practical, but I am going to give it a try.

So, we have another tool to make our projects unique and beautiful without breaking the bank or the budget.

So, rush to the supermarket and grab some for me and you won’t you?? See You Soon :-)






When I go to my real job I always have two bags. One is my purse the other one is usually a plastic bag (huh?? yes!!!) I keep lots of stuff in that extra bag. Sometimes it is paper work, sometimes bill statements (the hated type) sometimes it is crochet (fun!!) sometimes lunch, but I always have two bags, so I decided to call myself the bag woman.

Being a crochet artist I need to look the part, I am tired of not looking organized in a “fashionable” way. I think it would help me to show people that our craft is both elegant and easy on the budget.

So today I am going to look into big crochet bags that are practical and easy to make even if you are a beginner.




Aren’t they lovely and Practical? So, I may just make myself one or two or three……. what do you think?

Have a nice day Artisans!!! Blessings going your way…See You Soon…


This is a very short post to touch base with you. Did you finish half your list already?? there is only 1 friday left in October…no pressure, just a reminder :-)

Our weather is very cloudy like if it is thinking of snowing. I would love the snow, but it is highly unlikely.

I got to go but don’t forget to enjoy today and work on your projects and have a Great Weekend!! Hugs!!




Let us look into gifts made just for men. Crochet sometimes is perceived as a female craft or hobby but there are guys that like crochet too and are pretty good at it.

It is inspiring to see men working on tapestry crochet, which is extremely artistic and beautiful. 

As always I like to visit the net and in so doing I like to bring some inspiration to make gifts for the men in our my life.   I am hoping they appreciate every single gift and use every day for a year… 

Come along please?? you will enjoy the visit…







I love that the colors are very nice and serious, I found some crochet pants that are more hippy looking but I doubt your gift will be used much if you decide to go that way…

So let us start on something male today okay?? See You Soon..



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