A Random Act of Kindness – by Belle Beckford

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Random Act of Kindness

At one time in my life I was a military wife. That meant spending quite of bit of time without my husband, the military member, as he tended to travel frequently away from home.

Where we lived on base at the time, all the houses were connected in groups of four units and we had a common parking area. There were only five families living on our street, with one directly across the parking lot from me and another right next door. Our next door neighbors shared a common pathway with us, where the walkways leading from our respective front doors met at a common pathway leading to the parking area.

One January found me in an advanced state of pregnancy and hubby travelling away, as usual. The New England winter had just deposited no less than 8 inches of snow that morning while I was still at work. Our…

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As promised…………


Aren’t these lovely!!!

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Pineapples are classic in Crochet and you can make them several different ways.

They  make beautiful blouses, tablecloths and doilies, and whatever you come up with.

I think I have seen hundreds of doilies and tablecloths made with this classic beauty.

They are not hard to master and I like them best when they are made in fine thread you will see why…

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For this project I wanted to use yarns of  different weights so I could use up some of my stash. I used several basic stitches but nothing too difficult or over challenging,

This project was to practice different ways of doing the same stitches.

One thing I took from this project is that the hook needs to glide off the yarn, it is not fun fighting with the yarn.

One of the yarns got snagged so many times by my hook it took all of my resolve to not call it quits.

I want to start experimenting with other types of hooks. I know with thread I don’t have that problem, but when it comes to yarn I have had that problem several times.

I wonder if they make hooks for specific yarns? I guess not, but I don’t know. Plastic hooks for my big projects are a joy to work with, I just might check to see if they have smaller plastic hooks.

Okay so here is the Yarn bomb…





I finally finished the mailbox cover and took some pictures. I rested this weekend and crochet Only when I wanted, which is a recipe for Relaxation :-)

I am having fun visiting with you too and pinning from your Pinterest boards, preparing meals from your recipes, reading your stories, going on trips with you.. :-)

There is never a dull time in Blogosphere, that is for sure.

This is all for today, I am enjoying the Season and the cool weather, and I hoping you finished your handmade Christmas projects by now.

Have a Fun and Creative Day today!!!






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